What did the student learn from the STEAM course?

Greeting from GLI Harumi, we will be going to start the STEAM course in the next April.

In this post, we will explain to you how we taught the student regarding STEAM education in the next STEAM trial lesson, February 19.

We choose the Pyramid concept from the STEAM curriculum that has been prepared.

We are going to demonstrate the challenge regarding STEAM education. The student is going to face a challenge with the STEAM engineering pyramid structure by allowing them to think and discuss as a group in order to find out the solution to understand the whole concept of a pyramid structure, it will be related to math, engineering, and creativity of the student.

First, we show the show basic concept to the student regarding the pyramid model they are going to learn about triangle shape and 3D design model.

Now we are going to challenge the student with the complex 3D structure design model of the pyramid by using the first basic concept that we taught the student.

There are 2 important steps to complete this challenge:

Step 1: Pyramid base 2D model design.

It consists of multiple triangles connected together in order to establish the pyramid base.

Step 2: Top layer of Pyramid with 3D design modeling

So, by allowing the student to follow the same step, they able to complete the STEAM challenge.


You can see the process of the STEAM challenge here:


The student was able to learn a lot of fields and experience hand-on activity with the STEAM challenge .



STEAM Trial Lesson: 2020 / February / 9 and 2020 / February / 16

Join us in April, STEAM Course.

Here is the detail of STEAM Trial Lesson:





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