教室って、何? What is a classroom?

Before the cold days of winter end, and as we welcome the warm days of spring, let’s get to know more with what’s upcoming in GLI. Can you guess what the topic is this time?

Hint: It’s a prelude to the new season, new beginnings, and children.


The answer is … Classroom!


Classrooms, you say? Why?!


Starting April, the children are excited to start to see what new world will they see in the next school year. New desks, new classmates, perhaps new things inside their bags! But all of them will see one place and be there for a year or so – a classroom.

How does a Japanese classroom like? Perhaps your image of a classroom and mine are different!

I found some interesting pictures online when I looked up for “classrooms” online and would like to share them with you. Can you guess from which countries are they from?

This classroom has long benches and long tables for many students.

This one has students with cool uniform, and their own desks and chairs!

Speaking of chairs, this one has bouncy balls as chairs! They also have a big TV inside their classroom.

The students also have their own tables and chairs, but they are very close to each other.

This last one… is a classroom?! But there are no chairs or tables, just books!

More than pictures, we are going to study about this in our Pre-Spring Event this February 23.
Why do the classrooms look very different? What things are inside the classroom? Which classroom would you like to go to?

If you want to check your answers, why not come and join us?

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