Greetings from Hiroo School!

Hello, everyone! This is Unica, and I’m here to let you know about what’s happening from Hiroo. Today, we had our Unit Test, and it was all about Japan.

The student, after finishing her Eiken test last time, talked about it a lot. Hard work also showed in her phonics and her vocabulary tests.

Phonics can be difficult for some, but with some hints she wrote words that rhyme in English!





Questions in English are always something to remember!




How much can an elementary student listen and spell words in English? The student also tried the best that could be done.







If you are to talk about Japan, what things will you talk about?

These were the ideas – apparently, I received Japanese lessons from my student!





We also have our school in Hiroo, how about visiting us and learning with us too?

Until next time!



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