Welcome to Winter Steam Program

The winter program had been decided.  

It is a good time for your kid to explore more the real-world problem ✨

👉 \ January 04 & 05 (Monday & Tuesday) 9: 00 ~ 15: 00 For elementary school students (BB ~ EE)

* We are planning to implement it online, but it is subject to change.


◆ What is the content?

STEAM is an education system that consists of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Steam education is very important for the young kit as well as junior high school to explore what they study in the class. With the STEAM program, the student can apply what they learn in the class to solve the daily life problem or world problem, such as a natural disaster by using technology, etc.

Under the title of “Winter Steam Program”, this time we are going to explore 4 different steam activities that you never get a hand on before

Imagine yourself that you can build a bridge, flying drones, and other more to solve the daily life problem.

Learn about engineering, technology, creativity, and science.

Here are the activities:

  1. Flying Drone


We are going to explain some basic understand about drone technology such as GPS, Motor, Controller, Battery, etc, and especially teach them how to fly, take video. It is a part of the STEAM program, technology .

Why drone-related with STEAM? Use drone technology to gather information in a difficult place, nowadays they use drone technology to in many fields such as Movie Industry, Natural Disaster (Find the people). 

As you can see above, there are many things that student is going to learn only from this activity before they can apply it to solve the problem by flying the drone. 

          2. Hydraulics Bridge & Elevator


We are going to explain some basic understand about hydraulic engineering to the student such as air pressure & water pressure, mathematics, and especially teach them how to make their own hydraulic bridge and test it compare to a real-life hydraulic bridge. It is a part of the STEAM program, Engineering & Creativity .

Why hydraulic bridge? Smooth and accurate acceleration and deceleration, positive locking in any conditions, driving end locks, safe and easy operations, and the ability to carry varying loads are some advantages of the hydraulic bridge

London Hydraulic Bridge



















This what they are going to explore, test, and build:

Hydraulic Bridge & Hydraulic Elevator

There are many things that students can learn and explore from this single STEAM activity.

◆ When can I apply? How long can I apply?

You can apply by email from today

A reception will end as soon as the capacity reaches 10 people


◆ About inquiries (details)

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