The recent effects of the COVID-19 is very prominent, and there have been big-scale measures to help contain the spread of this new virus. One of these measures include the closure of schools from elementary level to high school level.


This sudden decision has impacted the lives of students, as well as their guardians and parents. This also had an effect on the learning of the students, as there is no way to exercise the brains of the students for the time being. With their routine gone and an early onset of spring vacation, parents are troubled with ways to keep their children occupied and still learning.


In GLI, each student*’s package includes a set number of Skype lessons per month, and we highly recommend taking these lessons to retain the things that GLI students have already learned. What’s more, you can do it at the comfort of your own home. Below are some points to think about why it’s good to regularly take their Skype lessons.


With Skype Lessons, the students can…


  1. Review the lesson content


Have you heard about the Rule of Seven? According to this rule, we will remember things better if it was repeated for at least 7 times in succession.

How is this significant in our learning? There are times when students are not motivated when they come to GLI, or there are some difficult parts that need to be studied more. In Skype Lessons, they can take more time to zoom into a particular learning section. They can also take this opportunity to repeat the words more than when they have the offline lessons – maybe more than seven times!


  1. Enjoy a One-on-One Lesson


Skype Lessons are man-to-man, so there is more freedom for the students to choose which topics do they want to study more. The teachers can devote their full attention to the students, so that means even the small things can be noticed, corrected and practiced. The students may also feel more comfortable to go through their own pace since there are only two members of the class – the teacher and the student.


  1. Have confidence to communicate in English


Like what was mentioned earlier, there are only two members of the class – the teacher and the student. One concern from the student or their parents would be the difficulty to communicate, seeing that the students are still learning the language. The Skype Lesson teachers are all professional teachers who will be there to support the students to have self-confidence to start getting used to listening to English. After which, the students will finally have the words to use and speak the language. This means always welcoming them with a smile, and offering corrections and phrases in a constructive way. All of these will help them so that they can use while having the Skype lessons. They also have more opportunities to speak freely in English too.

Have you booked your Skype lessons this month?

* AA ~ FF students

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