Index Card Tallest Tower Engineering Challenge

We are going to demonstrate the challenge regarding STEAM education. The student is going to face a challenge with the index card tower challenge. The student is allowing to use only an index card paper to build the tallest structure, can standstill, strong and able to hold the heavyweight of the object. Now we try to create a foundation for our tower structure.

The next step is to add the top layer of the tower structure and try to balance it in order to make the tower tall and standstill. As you can see now, our tower structure starts to get taller and taller. And the tower structure can stand still without falling down. “Now it’s time to test our engineering tower structure for making sure it can resist the weight of the heavy object.”

As you can see, now our tall tower structure is able to resist the weight of heavy objects and stand still without falling down. We can challenge the students to make a tower taller than this one and see how it balances the weight. From this, they can explore a lot to improve their critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. And this is a final test/exploration of the student, our tower structure still able to hold heavyweight. A teacher can use this tower as a model to motivate the student to design their own tall tower and using index cards to build/explore.



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