From Classrooms to Schools! Pre-Spring and Spring Daycare Update

Last Sunday, 23rd of February, we had the Pre-Spring Event with young kids and elementary students.

We explored the topic of classrooms, and asked them which classrooms would they like to try. Out of the 15 countries we had, the Canadian and Bangladesh classrooms were the most popular! Can you guess why? Here are the pictures of a Canadian classroom (first picture) and a Bangladeshi classroom (second picture).


This Canadian classroom has lots of toys in it – making it popular with the Pre-Spring students.

The Bangladeshi classroom is a boat, and kids are excited to see how it would be to study in a boat!

Since we want to make the kids excited for school, we will continue with exploration of this topic, and make it more exciting for the kids!

But studying only about schools sounds…not too exciting, don’t you think?

When we think about school, we think about the happy things we did. We played games with our schoolmates, sang and danced to songs, and made crafts of things we never knew we can make!

In our Spring Daycare, we will also put these things into our everyday activities. Since we are all Global Learners, we will also handpick some things that our teachers (from all around the world!) have done when they were still students.

To give you some hints, here are some of the things we will include:

●Traditional games played by school children around the world

●Songs we learned to learn English
●Stories that taught us about the world

Want to know more about it? Stay tuned in for the next posts about our Spring Daycare!

Until next time!




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