Today’s Recommended Book! 今日のおすすめ英語絵本

“Beatrice didn’t like books.

She didn’t even like to read. More than that, she hated going to the library.”

Have you ever experienced this before? For sure there were times before when we wished kids like book more. In this age, maybe kids prefer to play games in their mobile phones rather than touch a book. For this, I would like to introduce a book to help you with this problem.

This book entitled “Beatrice Doesn’t Want To” talks about one girl named Beatrice who didn’t like books. This changed one day after she heard an interesting story from a librarian.

Aside from the interesting story, the book also has some notes to help parents encourage their kids to like reading like Beatrice:

1. Surround children with books and writing. Rather than rewarding them with more toys or games, how about using books and simple reading materials ?

2. Set aside time for reading. Sharing time with your kids to read a simple book can be a good way to enjoy time together while learning.

3. Make reading an active experience. Try asking things about the things they read. If we ask a lot of questions, the kids will think more deeply and be more curious.

How was it?

How about starting reading with your child?


「Beatrice didn’t like books. She didn’t even like to read. More than that, she hated going to the library.」

どのご家庭でも彼女(Beatrice)のようにお子様が読書を嫌うことがあると思います。確かに、「うちの子、もっと読書に興味を示せばいいのに・・・」と思うことございませんか。私もよく「読書よりゲームをやりたい!」という子供たちの声をよく耳にします。そういった悩みを持つ親御様に【Beatrice Doesn’t Want To】という本を紹介したいと思います。



① 子供の周りを読み物でいっぱいにすること。おもちゃやゲームよりご褒美は読み物や本にすることをどう思いますか?

② 一緒にリーディングタイムを作ること。子どもならお母さん、お父さんと一緒にいれば楽しい時間になりますよね。その時間を読書にも使えますし、楽しい気持ちに気づき、親しみやすくなれば読書を日常的に楽しめるようになるかもしれないですね。

③ 読書を積極的にすること。本から学べる知識について子どもと一緒に話してみることです。いっぱい質問をすることで子どもの理解力を深め、好奇心旺盛なお子さんになれると思います。





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