GLI Harumi DD STEAM Course Trial Lesson

Sundays STEAM trial lesson in GLI Harumi

On Sunday we had a DD STEAM course trial lesson, we taught the student a lot of things regarding our DD STEAM course curriculum.

So what had we taught to the student?

What is STEAM and WHY STEAM?

STEAM consist of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics.

STEAM education is very important for every student, STEAM Education is a new trend that emphasizes teaching science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in an integrated manner and interdisciplinary approach to learning that provide hands-on activity and relevant learning experiences for students. It’s intended to give students a thorough grounding in STEAM starting at an early age to let them understand the design-thinking (art & creativity) as well as problem-solving skills. With the rapid advances in technology, the standard of education has to keep up with the changing and developing times so that students and young people are able to become qualified to a level in which they can fill jobs to continue this increasingly important sector, industry 4.0. Arts and creativity are crucial to the sciences, technology and computer science. They are the tool that allows technology to be usable in real life! Arts are used in website and user interfaces design, advertising, product design and usability, all things that are crucial to STEAM learning and careers.


In a STEAM setting, knowledge retention is important; however, the way students apply that knowledge is just as important.STEAM focuses not only on teaching a student about a subject, but also shows the student how the subject applies to real life, and how they will be able to utilize it in the future. For example, a traditional math course may teach a student an equation, but the student may not know how to apply that equation to real-life situations. A STEAM program would teach a student a math equation, and how it could be used in different fields such as science or engineering.

What did we teach the student about STEAM on the trial lesson day?


We were choosing the pyramid topic from unit 5 Eypty in DD STEAM curriculum, student able to learn a lot of things regarding the pyramid of Egypt, we had the student to read the article one by one and explain them about the uniqueness of the pyramid structure that most of the kids did not know about it.

And then we moved to the STEAM challenge part that allows the student to hands-on experience with what we have been taught to them. For that, we had to do a lot of explanation regarding our STEAM challenge since they need to build a pyramid structure that related to math, engineering, creativity, and design thinking skill. So, before starting the activity we gave worksheets to the student that had a design step for them to complete their challenge, by having a lot of explained by the teacher, they able to design their own pyramid base and so on. They have been learned about the triangle, using toothpick & marshmallows to built a small pyramid by using a triangle model as a beginning part of the challenge and after that built a complex pyramid structure by connecting many triangles (toothpick & marshmallow) model together.

So as we can see, the student had been learned a lot of things regarding STEAM education, problem-solving skill, design thinking, creativity, engineering, math and so on … Nowadays, STEAM is a very powerful education system that was implemented by many private and public schools, institutes, universities, and college students in developed countries such as the US, China … STEAM education is far different from traditional education.




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