Logic + World Knowledge = Global Learner

Hello, everyone! This is Unica.

Today I would like to introduce a little bit more about the things that we study in GLI. In particular, this topic is all about the curriculum that we have for the higher levels of the Elementary Immersion Program.

Starting from DD level of the Immersion Program, GLI students study with more structure and have a wider variety of the things they study. They are challenged to start both English grammar and different cultures around the world.

“But how can they do it?!” one may ask. Another may ask, “why?!”

Grammar topics are divided into small sections that are easier to understand for the students. For example, nouns are taught how to make nouns from singular (only one) to plural (many) and drills are done repeatedly.

This is technical and not all students like it. However, once they get the hang of things, it is easier for them to understand the structure of language in the words that they understand. The foundation of studying structure goes along really well when they start studying other things, for instance how the world around them works.

Students are more perceptive to learn about things around the world, which we do in our so-called Travel Log section. Information is presented first in brief (general facts) then they are shown stories, items of interest and trivia about this new country. They get to compare the things they already know to those new information that they have just learned. It also gets easier for them to learn these new things by reading information by themselves (reading comprehension) through a foundation of grammar.

By learning these two at the same time, students expand both their understanding of language (logic) and their understanding of the world (general knowledge).

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③BB~EEクラス[各回30分] [1]13:30~14:00  [2]14:30-15:00

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③各回10名ずつ/内部生+外部生(小学生) 締切り:10月7日(水)20:00まで(定員に達し次第終了)


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