Online Summer Camp Day 2

Hello, this is Queen & Lay teacher from GLI, it been a good day for us to explore various things with the student regarding the online summer camp. In the online summer camp, we have STEAM and General activity. So, for today we learned a lot of things with Steam and General activity:

For steam, the student learned how to make a bridge structure and test their bridge. Before they started to build the bridge,  first we asked to them make their own design on the bridge types that they want to build.  They were able to build their own bridge by using the stick, toothpicks and glue. 

For General activity, we also learned how to make a camping map by using:

  • Transparent plastic
  • Colored hard paper
  • Oil-based color pen 
  • Glue

They were enjoyed a lot during the design of their own camping map and learned at the same time.

Activity Worksheet



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