DIY Robot Hand STEAM Activity

What is a DIY Robot Hand?

The DIY Robot Hand is a simple and inventive engineering activity that will teach children all about the world of robotics! With just three common items–straws, paper, and string–students can create a moving, bendable hand.This activity encourages exploration of robotics , engineering, and creative thinking, making it an ideal STEAM activity for students.

How does this activity tie in with STEAM learning?

The DIY Robot Hand STEAM Activity is a perfect example of the interconnectedness of arts and technology.Not only does this activity encourage engineering exploration and scientific inquiry about robotic technology, but it also requires students to think creatively about designing and building their own robotic hand.

Why is it important to focus on STEAM learning in early childhood education?

It’s important to encourage student involvement in both arts and technology.The DIY Robot Hand STEAM Activity combines the best aspects of both fields by having students design and create an engineering marvel.Artistry and design are pivotal to the development of scientific technology, especially in the field of robotics.Including art in STEM fields creates a more approachable and dynamic view of the technology sector.



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