来年度からスタート!GLIでInternational Day!

They say that the world has gotten smaller since the advent of modern technology – we have airplanes that can take us places in less than a day, powerful computer networks that let us have access to information from across the globe, and smartphones that let us stay connected to the pulse of the world using only our fingertips.

Even so, there are still a lot of instances when we don’t feel how small our world has become. This is especially true when we travel. We feel in awe that there are differences in how we talk, how we see things, what things do we do and how we do them, and what things are important for us.

This is maybe one reason we travel. 

In GLI, it is our hope that our Global Learners will one day find that curiosity and motivation to go outside and explore, or use their English skill for something useful in the future. Maybe not this time, but we do our best to help them be prepared for that time – perhaps now in small, exciting steps.

Starting next year, we will try to bring more of what the world has in store for them by starting the so-called International Day!

“International Day?! What’s that?” you might ask.

Just as the name entails, “International Day” is a special one-day event in GLI that will bring other countries inside the classroom. The students will have a chance to get their very own GLI Passports stamped, and they can “visit” the countries featured for the event.


Does this sound exciting? Here are some things that you can experience in an International Day:

  • Meet and greet with people from the country
  • Learn about the country and interesting things about it
  • Have an appreciation of their own culture and the culture of different countries too


If this sounds exciting, here’s one good news: we will have our first International Day on April! Two countries will be featured this time: Cambodia and the Philippines.

Details about how to join the International Day will be posted soon. Until then!



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