Spreading Creativity, Creating Creativity

March will soon come knocking – which means it’s almost the end of the school year.

It’s also the time of the year when teachers and students get to reflect the time they have spent for the last school year – well, more so for the teachers. It’s also the time to reminisce about what can be done better and what can be done continuously for the next school year.

One thought I had around this time is whenever I have lessons with my students, they are lukewarm to the idea of the new ideas. It is always up to the teacher to make it something that they can understand and even like.

Introducing new ideas also means using other ideas to make it palatable. Sometimes it is hard to get by things that will look good to other people – thereby needing people to be creative.  In this 21st century, creativity is a skill that is often overlooked because it often pertains to making art – music, painting, dance, among others. However,  creativity is present everywhere – when thinking of how to present a company’s idea to a new customer, when we make and introduce a new product, when we want to tell something but not be direct about it – creativity is literally everywhere! We have not just learned to put a label on it since it is different from how we know the concept.

Here in GLI, there is always a need to be creative. Like what was previously mentioned, teachers have to make their lessons full of purpose but also fun. Students have to be creative in connecting the ideas so they can understand new concepts like vocabulary and grammar. Everyone has to be creative in coming up with new ideas in one way or another to communicate with each other. If it is needed so much, why are we not using and learning it?

This brings us to a point that creativity is a skill that needs to be used so that it can be enhanced. Like playing football, or singing, or writing calligraphy, it is also a skill that children needs to get comfortable with. Here in GLI, we always think of other ways to let the students think outside the box when it comes to understanding the lesson.

Would you like to see this in action? Join us in our following trial lessons!

◆3月7日(土)11:30~13:00 新年度・FLL・STEAM体験会・説明会 【残り10名】

◆3月15日(日)10:00~11:30 新年度・FLL・STEAM体験会・説明会 【残り10名】

◆3月26日(木)~31日(火)Spring School

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