STEAM Straw Boat Challenge

With this kind of challenge, it is going to be fun and explore for the student because they are going to learn a lot of things about the fact of the sailing boat, how the boat is moving without using any machine.

The interesting thing is, a boat is going to move by using only the wind, so the teacher is going to do demonstrate for the student after they complete their challenge.


Before the activity start, they are going to design or draw their sailboat model in such a way for them to have an idea about the challenge.

In this activity, it let the student learn and understand a lot of things, like how the sailboat can float on the water, why it can move forward with the wind, design thinking and so on.

Additional information about STEAM trial:

2020/02/16, time -> 13:00-14:00

2020/03/07, time -> 11:30-12:30

2020/03/15, time -> 10:00-11:00



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