Today’s Recommended Book! 今日のおすすめ英語絵本

Shopping can be a chore for parents and sometimes we have to take kids, too.

But when we think about it, how kids see it might be totally different from how we see it!

In today’s recommended book, we have a small boy helping his mom with shopping and how even his sidekick, his fluffy teddy bear, helps him with shopping too!

The book is good for kids because it helps in becoming familiar with English sounds through rhymes (I fetch the trolley with my teddy and sit him in so we’re all ready). The illustrations are colorful and eye-catching with cute designs as well.

The book also has hidden games in it, such as finding the car in all its pages. Children can also be challenged with remembering the things they bought in the supermarket. Using simple and familiar words, using this book can be both fun and educational!

How was it? Would you try reading this to your kids as well?

Until next time!



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